North Central RCHA December 2023 Show - Midwest Jackpot Spec -- Winona, MINNESOTA - 11/29/2023
Judges: Amy Marx, Marilyn Peters
Place Horse Owner Rider Herd Rein Steer
Cow Totals Points Earnings

Special Event - Non Pro
3 entries $0 Added
1Tuff Reyzin
(Woody Be Tuff X Reyzin)
Kenneth J. SchuellerKenneth J. Schueller140.0142.50.0141.0423.50$600.00
2Unbelevabley Shiney
(Dont Stopp Believin X Shiney Attire)
Kenneth J. SchuellerLaney E. Fjelstad136.0139.50.0145.0420.50$400.00
3Coyote Moonshine
(Shine Chic Shine X Coyote Sunset)
Wayne O. KielWayne O. Kiel134.5138.50.0120.0393.00$0.00

Special Event - Open
3 entries $0 Added
1Chex Out Tuff
(Woody Be Tuff X Chex Out My Hiney)
Lane JonesLuke J. Jones142.0133.50.0144.5420.00$450.00
2One Fancy Savannah
(One Time Pepto X Savannah Hickory)
Jodie L. ScheffelLance R. Scheffel143.0131.00.0140.0414.00$300.00
3One Ata Time
(One Time Pepto X Hip Hip Sue Rey)
Steven MattsonRyan P. Gallentine144.00.00.0143.0287.00$0.00